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T8 led tube light

Shenzhen Hondo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd has been established since 2013, We passed ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system and have CE,FCC certificate.We are manufacturing of grow light ,grow lamp ,t5 t8 led tube light.Our products is hot selling to USA,Canada and Mexico, etc. We have the special spectrum for our grow light for the plant in specific fields with high efficiency design for PPE and PPFD. If you are growing marijuana, you may be wondering what the best lighting options are. Hondo led grow light supplier is your best choice! The largest category of tube light in widely-available use, T8 led tube lights measure 26mm in diameter and are often used for lighting large, wide-open spaces. They're normally seen in supermarkets, warehouses, garages and offices, although they're suitable for smaller environments that need plenty of light too. T8 LED tube lights are interior LEDs used to replace T8 Fluorescent lamps. There are three main types of T8 tube lights, with a combination style T8 LED tube available. Each LED tube option is defined by how the LED interacts with the existing fluorescent ballast. The T8 tube light Color temperature is rated on a scale called Kelvin (K) and color usually ranges between 2400k to 6500k. A lower kelvin value will mean that the light output is going to be closer to an orange or “warm” or “soft” tint. 4000k T8 bulbs are known for being “cool white” with a color output that is close to clear metal halides. This color temperature is recommended for workspaces and offices. 5000+ kelvin T8’s are the “daylight” equivalent with a glow that is bluer than traditional lighting.
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Hondo has been producing T8 led tube light for many years and is one of the professional T8 led tube light manufacturers and Suppliers in china. Our product T8 led tube light is not only high quality but also supports the low price. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a satisfactory price and provide price list. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation.