Plant growth lights "help" agricultural production


According to the natural law of plant growth and the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, plant fill light lamp uses light instead of sunlight to provide the light source required for plant growth and development. The lack of light has a great impact on the growing crops. Strawberry and eggplant have short plants, yellowing leaves and falling flowers, and overwintering vegetable seedlings also have the symptoms of weak growth.

The use of greenhouse to produce off-season vegetables, melons, fruits and other crops will often affect the normal growth of crops, yield and quality due to the short sunshine time in winter and spring. If we encounter continuous rainy days, snow and fog days, it will lead to slow growth of crops, increase of diseases and bring serious losses to farmers. "Before, farmers also tried to use fill lights in winter, but the original fill lights were not targeted and the effect was not obvious. The introduced fill lights can supplement light for crops according to the growth needs of each crop, which is more scientific and intelligent.