Plant growth lights: a new source of Agriculture


Sunshine is a necessary factor for plant growth in addition to nutrition and water. But every grower knows that sunlight is uncontrollable. Therefore, artificial sunlight is more and more recognized in horticultural cultivation, because artificial sunlight can artificially control the season of plant growth and completely shorten the time of plant growth.

The plant growth lamp has the following purposes:

As supplementary light, light can be enhanced at any time of the day to always help plants photosynthesis.

Especially in the winter months, the effective lighting time can be extended.

* whether at dusk or night, it can effectively prolong and scientifically control the light required by plants without being affected by any environmental changes.

* in greenhouse or plant laboratory, it can completely replace natural light to promote plant growth.

For most growers, high luminous flux sodium lamp is a good light source to replace sunshine. Its spectrum is completely designed according to the sunlight spectrum, and has the characteristics of high brightness and ultra long service life.

Full spectrum light in greenhouse is very important for plant growth.

The early plant lighting source is not a full spectrum light source, which can not fully provide the light needed for plant growth.

Now a new high luminous sodium lamp for plant growth is introduced, which has full spectrum characteristics, can provide all the light required for plant growth, and can greatly shorten the time required for plant growth.

Therefore, its emergence is a technological revolution in the field of plant lighting, and has become the choice of light source in this industry.