Best led grow light waterproof indoor light plant grow
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Best led grow light waterproof indoor light plant grow

Is light color important to plants?
Best led grow light waterproof indoor light plant grow are more important for plant growth than others. Leaves reflect and derive little energy from the yellow and green wavelengths of the visible spectrum. In contrast, the red and blue wavelengths of the light spectrum are the most important energy sources for plants.
Plants growing outdoors, in greenhouses or close to windows are exposed to a balance of wavelengths of light from the sun, including the blue and red light that plants need. In settings where plants receive little or no natural light, additional light from artificial sources must be provided for adequate plant growth.
Hondo Best led grow light waterproof indoor light is suit for your plant grow.


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Product Description

Best led grow light waterproof indoor light plant grow

While the sun is the ultimate resource, it is not infallible. The Earth’s rotation causes the sun to constantly change position, meaning most regions of the world experience days that are too short, too cold, or too hot to grow plants. When sunlight does reach plants on the ground, it is ‘white light’. This is a blend of every known light wavelength — from infra-red to ultraviolet — with green and yellow light as the most intense (520-590nm). Plants, however, only have receptors for red (635-700nm) and blue (450-490) light, so they are unable to process the rest of the spectrum effectively. Farming with indoor grow lights gives farmers something they can never have with the sun: control.
So,Best led grow light  waterproof indoor light plant grow is your best choice!

Product Parameters

Product Full Spectrum Led Grow Light Bar
Model No. HD-GL-C10P1000
Led Chips Warm Leds 281B(2880pcs) with Red 660nm Leds(240pcs )
Power (w) 1000W
Warranty 2 year
Package size 1135*1110*100mm
G.W 15.5kg
PPE 2.5umol/J
Dimming 0-10V Dimming
Application Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG

Product Features

led grow light waterproof indoor light Advantages:
1. High Energy efficient
2. Easy installation
3. More durable
4. Longer lifetime (less lamp changes)
5. Low heat emission
You can use this Led grow light for the following plant growth set ups:
Hydroponic, Aeroponics, Horticulture, Greenhouse, Home gardening, Farm and Flower Exhibition.

Product Details

1.Dimming options:25%、50%、75%、100%。
2.It is can support online wifi dimming, app dimming, dimming switch.
3.It is can connect another LED Grow light to control together.

Company Capability

Shenzhen Hondo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of led grow light and T8 Tube.
Company Advantages:
1.Manufacturer Direct--We offter factory direct price with stable excellent quality control.
2.OEM/ODM Available--We welcome customization for spectrum ,logo,packaging.etc.
3.Superior Service--We offter you professional pre-sales and after-sales service.

Logistics Service

1. We use double cartons to make sure the security during the shipping.
2. Shipping methods: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS, Customer specified.
3. We will let you know the waybill after the logistical stuff pick up the goods,and also will help you to track the goods until you receive it well!


Q1: Do you have any MOQ limited?
A1: Low MOQ. 1PC for LED Grow Light sample is available.

Q2: Can you make my own logo on the led grow light?
A2: Yes, we can make your own logo if needed, just feel free to let us know when you’re ready for it and then we talk about the details.

Q3: How to proceed an order?
A3: Firstly let us know your requirements or application.
Secondly we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
We will arrange the production when you pay for it.

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