4 Head clip grow light 40W full spectrum with Dimmer
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4 Head clip grow light 40W full spectrum with Dimmer

4 Head clip grow light 40W full spectrum with Dimmer, LED growth light for indoor plants, with remote control automatic on/off 4/8/12 hour timer 10 Dimmable brightness full spectrum (clip type)


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Product Description

4 Head clip grow light 40W full spectrum with Dimmer

The perfect light with a unique remote control: The grow light is a great choice to help with insufficient light. It is easy to set the clamp light, which can help promote the growth of plants. In addition to the remote controller, our lights also provide an additional wireless remote control (effective within a straight line distance of 39.4 feet), which is convenient to use. With 2 upgraded LED plant growth light controllers, you can control the plant growth light according to plant needs.
Powerful functions to meet your different needs: The plant light has 3 light colors (blue, red, mixed) switches, 10 levels of brightness adjustable, automatic on/off 4-8-12 hours timing memory cycle, on or off function. You can choose to turn off 1 to 4 lights. The full-featured indoor plant growth lamp absolutely meets all your requirements.
Humanized 4-head LED plant light: Modern plant light with 360° bendable 4-arm gooseneck provides more coverage area than other 1 to 3 arms. The metal clip with non-slip foam can protect the surface, and the aluminum tube can easily dissipate heat. For any plant lover, it is a great lamp, suitable for almost any application, very suitable for indoor planting of many kinds of plants, competition for window space and suitable for the beginning of the winter season.
LED full spectrum light: The growth light includes 52 red and 28 blue beads. Our plant grow lights have 3 color modes (red, blue and mixed light). Red promotes the germination, flowering and fruiting of plants. Blue promotes the growth of plant leaves and roots. The combination of red and blue prevents abnormal growth of plants. Depending on the different stages of growth, you can change the lighting spectrum from red to blue to a combination of red and blue.
Safe to use: our professional lamps have UL, CE, FCC, ROHS certifications, so you can use them with confidence! The USB cable and the power adapter form a firm connection. You can easily use the light in your home or office. There are 1 light, 1 remote control, 1 power adapter, and 1 manual in the package. If you have any questions about our plant lights, please feel free to contact us.

Main Technical Data

40W four-head USB clip-on plant light, indoor planting plant fill light, greenhouse flower and vegetable planting seed start (HD-PL-08DC16)

Product LED round clip plant light four heads
Model No. HD-PL-08DC16
Led Chips Red 660nm lamp beads (52pcs) with blue 395nm lamp beads (28pcs)
Power (w) 40w
Warranty 1year
Package size (Ø8*L390 pole)+(Ø18*L260 tube)
G.W 935g
Dimming button
Application Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG, Full Spectrum, Flowering

Application scenarios

Efficient 3-color spectrum: This grow light is composed of 80 LED beads that grow efficiently. The combination of red and blue LED lamp beads provides the most common spectrum required by indoor plants, ensuring that aloes, succulents, vegetables and other potted indoor plants can grow to the greatest extent at all stages. It will effectively supplement the lack of natural sunlight.
Remote control: Use the remote control to dim the light. 9 dimming levels and 3 spectrum modes to meet the needs of different brightness of your plants. 4 kinds of lighting modes flexibly turn on the light bar, single light, double light, three light or full on.
Smart repeat timer: There are 3 timer settings, you can set the light to turn off automatically within 2, 8 and 12 hours. It is automatically turned on at the same time the next day for daily lighting. Set it once and it will automatically turn on and off every day! --When using the timing function, please turn on the power switch and the timing switch at the same time
180° adjustable gooseneck and sturdy clamp: 4 lamp heads with flexible gooseneck can shine light on large foliage plants from different angles, thereby expanding the light coverage. Coupled with a strong built-in clip, you can fix the plant light on the edge of the table or place it next to flowering plants for optimal growth performance.
Promoting growth: It can promote the growth of leaves and rhizomes, protein synthesis, flowering and fruiting. Blue LED lamp beads ensure that plants absorb more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll, thereby helping germination. Red LED lamp beads help to effectively germinate, bloom and enhance photosynthesis. Blue and red LED lamp beads can accelerate the growth of indoor plants.

Description features

The 2021 upgraded clip-on plant growth light desktop plant light is about 33~99 feet ②You can freely turn on or off any LED tube at any time and control it to adjust the brightness freely according to your needs.
These clip-on plant lights can truly provide you with sunlight-like full-spectrum plant lights, which contain light of all wavelengths and are more adapted to the growth laws of your plants. It is not only suitable for all plant growth stages, but also for various indoor plants such as violets, tomatoes, succulents and herbs.
100pcs plus tube LED clip-on plant lights Indoor plant lights have 100pcs red and blue spectrum LED lamp beads, which can provide a wider irradiation area and better lighting effect than ordinary plant lights. Even better, the upgraded desktop plant light has a thick aluminum alloy body, an adjustable gooseneck, and a powerful clip. It can bring you stronger rigidity and better stability than the normal version. Indoor plant growth light clip.

Our company

Shenzhen Hongdo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED grow lights and T8 tubes.
Company advantages:
1. Manufacturer Direct--We provide factory direct prices and stable quality control.
2. OEM/ODM is available-we welcome customized spectrum, logo, packaging, etc.
3. High-quality service-we provide you with professional pre-sales and after-sales services.

Logistics Service

1. We use double cartons to make sure the security during the shipping.
2. Shipping methods: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS, Customer specified.
3. We will let you know the waybill after the logistical stuff pick up the goods,and also will help you to track the goods until you receive it well!


Q1: What is the difference between full-spectrum and red and blue light? What spectrum is best? Suitable houseplants for me?
A1: Full spectrum means referring to the wavelength band (nm) of sunlight (nm) 395-780nm, which is suitable for most plants at present. Regarding red light 660nm and blue light 395nm, it is a spectrum customized for long-leaf plants. It is found in plant optics research that plants If you need to grow leaves, you need a 660nm spectrum, and the growth of plant rhizomes needs a 395nm spectrum.

Q2: How should I choose the plant lamps I need?
A2: I suggest that you choose the plant lighting fixtures you need according to the site you use or the place you plan to place. The choice of fixtures also has a great influence on the plants you actually plant. If it is a small potted plant, I recommend using it. Clip plant light

Q3: Can a sample be ordered? Are there any discounts on fees?
A3: There is a discount, we will also ship one.

Q4: What about the lead time of grow led light?
A4:Sample needs 3-7 days, mass production time needs 1-3 weeks

Q5:How do you ship the outdoor led grow light and how long does it take to arrive?
A5: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-7 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.

Q6: How to proceed an order of led grow light?
A6: Firstly let us know your requirements or application. Secondly we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.Fourthly we arrange the production.

Q7: Is it ok to print my logo on led grow light product?
A7: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q8: Do you offer guarantee for the led grow light?
A8: Yes, we offer 2 year warranty to our led grow light.

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